Celebrations Adult Bouncy Castle


Our Purple and Blue Celebrations Castle is a beautiful addition to our Adult Castle collection. This inflatable castle features purple and blue panels and ballon, streamers artwork, and a ‘let’s party’ theme, making it suitable for all occasions, from sweet 16s to 60th birthdays and everything in between.

It’s suitable for users of all ages and great for all occasions. The castle is 18ft wide x 18ft length and comes with a shower/sun cover.

Please note: When deciding where to set up the castle, you’ll need to allow extra room behind the castle for the blower and in front for children to safely get on and off. Additionally, we require a couple of extra feet on either side of the castle for secure the castle.

All our units come with crash mats at the front step of the castle. The location should be a level grass area free of any debris or animal waste. Also, ensure that there are no overhanging trees or shrubs near the location.

If you are using the castle indoors, please ensure you have checked with the hall for any height restrictions.

Special Offer: 10% off on bookings Monday - Thursday from the 16th June - 30 September. The discount will be applied by out team AFTER paying a £25 deposit.